More Than a Meal (In Development)

Cooking series  |  13 Episodes 

Producer / Director: Rory Feek

In Development

Network/Platform: TBD

Marcy Gary and Candy Hunley are sisters with sister restaurants known as MARCY JO’s MEALHOUSE and MARCY JO's MULETOWN.  Each venue has its own personality, one with more of a down-home vibe and the other with an upscale flair... work to feed their families, their community, and help those in need and providing "more than just a meal" for their community known as Muletown. With intertwined lives on the farm they now share with their country star brother, Rory Feek, they reminisce about how food-centered their family while growing up poor and living a nomadic life on the road. Each episode focuses on a story and the family recipe it inspires them to create... and ultimately to share with a local family in need.


*Note, this series is being developed in partnership with Meals on Wheels. 

"STILL CHANGING LIVES" - This Life I Live - episode 9
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